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               ALESIA NEWMAN-BREEN                         

              Dollmaker / Artist / Actress
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Dollmaker Alesia Newman-Breen is also an actress, sculptor, graphic artist, writer, wife and mother  who lives in suburban Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and son. A longtime member of the Screen Actors Guild, Alesia has appeared in many films, television programs and commercials. She played a newscaster in the science-fiction film "Species II"and appeared in dozens of episodes of the long-running Baltimore-based crime drama "Homicide: Life on the Street'. Alesia's unique dolls were featured on the "Fresh Faces" page of DOLLS Magazine in November 2002. Her work has won praise from many, including the late doll artist Laura Meisner. Laura noted Alesia's "total and unflinching attention to detail. The dolls are quite rich looking. Something about the muscularity of the dolls, especially the male ones, reminded me of the paintings of El Greco." A life-long doll collector, Alesia says "I began making stuffed animals for my son when he was a baby. I progressed to cloth dolls and figurines. Eventually, my love of fantasy and science-fiction art led me to create fully-jointed, posable dolls, using polymer clay for the head, breastplate, arms and legs, with a cloth-over-wire-armature body."

Alesia's dolls have been exhibited in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and other cities.

Alesia can do a custom-made portrait doll of your loved one from a photograph!Call for info!

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