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 Baltimore caricature artist party cartoons Maryland
Caricatures Make It a Party!
Kids love caricatures, adults love them and everyone gets something to keep as a memento of your party! Jerry's caricatures look just like you, only better! Flattering, and cute. Hire Jerry for your birthday, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, retirement party, office party, picnic or wedding. Pay by check or money order to: Jerry Breen, 816A Cinnamon Ridge Place, Cockeysville, MD 21030-4316. Or pay by PayPal using our email address - Jerry can also do a gift caricature from a photo! Call 410-258-7447 or 410-683-1562 for more info!

   Maryland caricatures Baltimore caricature artist party cartoons
Baltimore caricature artist Baltimore party cartoons
Jerry's Cartoons in the News!
Camden Yards caricature ballpark cartoons wedding caricature orioles Park caricature
The Baltimore Sun recently printed a romantic story about a Baltimore couple who just married in June. He proposed to her at an Orioles game in August 2011 by having Jerry draw a caricature of him proposing to her! She had no idea what was going on until she saw the finished picture. She was silent for several suspenseful seconds and then tearfully nodded her consent (to applause from the crowd). See the cartoon below. Scroll down this page to see another example of a marriage proposal caricature. Order a gift caricature from Jerry! Call 410-258-7447 or email Jerry at . It's a gift you'll treasure forever!

marriage proposal caricature wedding cartoon
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         It Just Ain't a Party Without the Cartoons!
   live caricature by Jerry Breenbaseball caricature oriole park camden yards caricature ballpark Baltimore caricature by Jerry Breen of Morgan
       Your Guests Have fun - and a Great Souvenir!
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      Baltimore caricature by Jerry Breen of Scott Sr.Baltimore caricature by Jerry Breen of Adamcartoon faces by Jerry Breen
  Jerry's Cartoons Look Just Like You - Only Better!
     Caricatures! Characatures! Charactertures! Whatever You Call It!
Baltimore caricature artist Maryland caricatures party cartoons birthday caricaturesMaryland party cartoons Baltimore caricature artistBaltimore caricatures Maryland caricatures family caricature
  Fun for All from 1 to 100! Fun for the Whole family!
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      Corporate Gift Caricatures!

  corporate cartoon gift caricature from photo   corporate caricature fift caricature from photo
Promotion? Retirement? Merger? Or just a job well done? Individual or group caricatures at very reasonable prices! Get one original drawing plus a color copy for everyone on the team! Call for info and a price estimate. 410-258-7447

  corporate cartoon gift cartoon from photo group caricature  gift cartoon corporate caricature group caricature
  Caricatures / Party Cartoons  410-258-7447
 A Gift Caricature from Your Photo - A Great Gift Idea!
    gift caricature from photo by Jerry Breen  birthday caricature princess caricature birthday party cartoons  baby caricature gift caricature from photo              
      Birthday Gift Caricatures for Your Special Little Ones!
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Maryland bar mitzvah caricatures Baltimore bat mitzvah cartoons gift caricatures    Baltimore bat mitzvah caricatures Maryland party cartoons gift caricature from photo    bar mitzvah caricature bar mitzvah sign-in board bar mitzvah cartoon  
 Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Caricatures! Sign-In Boards!
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    gift cartoon from photo gift caricature gift caricature from photo gift cartoon gift caricature from photo gift cartoon gift cartoon for servicemen gift caricature       
 Graduation Gift Caricatures! Gift Cartoons for Servicemen!
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  wedding proposal caricature marriage proposal cartoon Marry me caricature gift caricature wedding anniversary caricatures wedding reception caricatures wedding proposal caricatures  wedding caricature sign in board wedding cartoon
 Wedding Gift Caricatures ! Anniversary ! Sign-In Boards! 
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 cheerleader caricature cheerleader cartoon gift cartoon from photo  horse caricature horse cartoon gift caricature shopping cartoon shopping caricature gift caricature from photo
  It's Them! Doing What They Love to Do! They'll Love It!
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gift caricature from your photo gift caricature from your photo  gift caricature from photo birthday caricature from photo gift photo for birthday from your photo
     A Special Occasion? Or No Occasion? A Gift Caricature Makes It Special!
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    sign-in board caricature gift caricature family caricature   gift caricature from photo gift cartoon from photo   gift cartoon from photo gift caricature from photo
Say Goodbye! Say Thanks! Say It with a Cartoon!
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gift caricature from photogift cartoon from a photo gift caricaturegift caricature pet caricature gift cartoon pet cartoon
     It'll Look Just Like Them - Only Better! They'll Love It!
  Dog Caricatures! Pet Caricatures! Just Email a Photo! 
  gift caricature from photo dog caricature pet caricature  gift caricature from photo dog caricatures pet caricaturesdog caricature pet caricature gift caricature from photo gift caricature from photo dog caricature pet caricature from photo 
Gift Caricatures! Pet Caricatures! Same Price as People!
   Just email photos to !   410-258-7447
Jerry can do a special gift caricature from your photo - send it by mail or by email. For a standard 11"by 14" full-color caricature of one person on heavyweight archival paper, just $60 (plus $25 for each extra person). For a larger 16"by 20" full-color caricature on illustration board, just $100 (plus $25 for each extra person). For a extra-sized 20" by 30" sign-in board caricature (with room for party guests to sign around the edges) just $120 (plus $25 for each extra person). Even larger super-sized 30" by 40" sign-in boards available! Call for prices! Include $10 for packing and shipping (if outside of the Baltimore area).  Pay by personal check, money order or PayPal. Call 410-683-1562 or 410-258-7447 or email for info.

   Group Cartoons! Your Office Staff! Your Sports Team!
 group caricature corporate caricature gift caricature from photo

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sports team cartoon group caricature gift caricaturegift caricature from photo group caricature sports caricature team caricature sports team cartoon
  Just Send Your Photos by Email and Get a Great Gift Caricature Back! It's Easy!
  group caricature gift caricature from photo  gift caricature from photo   gift caricature from photo
         Great Gift Idea! Give Everyone a Copy! They'll Love It!
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        Political Cartoons! Celebrity & Sports Cartoons!

Check out Jerry's political cartoons in every issue of Miami Mike's "Wheels on the Road" magazine, at John Reinke's "Jasper Jottings", and at the Pardu's "Progressive Influence" blog. Just click on their names to go there!    

                 Obama cartoon Obama caricature ObamaCare      Obama cartoon Obama caricature Obama donkey Obama ass Obamass

                                ObamaCare !                  Obama Donkey!  410-258-7447  

     Obama cartoon Obama caricature Bill Ayers cartoonBarack Obama ACORN election fraud           
             The Men Behind Obama                          Obama and Acorn   410-258-7447

    Star Trek Shatner cartoon Baltimore Spock cartoon Baltimore    football cartoon sports cartoon Ray Lewis cartoon                  

               Drunk Astronauts                             Ray Lewis of the Ravens               
  Babe Ruth cartoon Babe Ruth caricature Ray Rice cartoon Ray Rice caricature Baltimore Ravens cartoon Matt Wieters cartoon baseball cartoon Matt Wieters caricature
                   Babe Ruth                    Ray Rice                      Matt Wieters  410-258-7447

Iran cartoon Ahmadinejad cartoon caricatureClintstones Clinton cartoon Baltimore caricatureLBJ cartoon Lyndon Johnson caricature political cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor satire  

  Mahmoud's New Hat            Bill & Hillary                   LBJ (Back in the Day)

 Fidel Castro caricature Castro cartoonYogi Berra caricature Berra cartoonMichael Jordan caricature Jordan cartoon

           Fidel Castro                     Yogi Berra                        Michael Jordan                                    

  O.J. Simpson caricature O.J. cartoonJimmy Carter cartoon Carter caricatureNixon cartoon Nixon caricature Baltimore

    O.J. Simpson & Leslie Nielsen         Jimmy Carter                           Richard Nixon     410-258-7447         
Tom Jones caricature Tom Jones cartoon

Tom Jones liked this magazine illustation so much he printed it up on T-shirts for his road crew, and even painted it on the nose of his private plane!
Rickey Henderson caricature Baltimore cartoon

I did 2 caricatures for baseball legend  Rickey Henderson. He kept the one of him hitting a home run, and signed this one of him stealing bases for me.
Cal Ripken caricature Baltimore cartoon

Cal Ripken Jr. has been a favorite subject. The Ripken Museum in Aberdeen displayed some of my Ripken art in 2004.
Check out my Political Cartoon Blog at:
                        The Story of My "Willy Don" Crab

In 2005, the City of Baltimore invited artists to decorate 6-foot-tall, 75 pound crab sculptures to exhibit on the streets of Baltimore. The selected artists received a payment, and Baltimore City Public Schools raised thousands of dollars for special projects and improvements. After being on public display over the summer, the crab sculptures were sold at an auction. I chose to do a crab honoring the legendary Baltimore politician William Donald Schaefer - the long-time Mayor of Baltimore, and Governor and Comptroller of Maryland. Popularly known as "Willy Don", Schaefer was clearly the  dominant figure in late-20th-Century Maryland politics. He was the guy who got things done - reviving downtown Baltimore, building sports arenas and attracting the NFL back to Baltimore, promoting Maryland businesses worldwide and creating jobs. The front side is a caricature of Schaefer's familiar face, and the back has a more formal (and more flattering) portrait. Real estate developer Peter Handal bought the crab and installed it in July 2006 (on my birthday, oddly enough) overlooking the parking lot of the East Side Courthouse on E. North Avenue in Baltimore. Governor Schaefer passed away in April 2011. The city of Baltimore and Maryland are better for the fact that he passed through. Look at the Inner Harbor, the sports stadiums and the revitalized downtown and you see a beautiful, proud, reborn Baltimore that is the handiwork of this great man. Don Schaefer will be long remembered and sadly missed.
"Willy Don" Crab by Jerry Breen"Willy Don" Crab by Jerry BreenWilly Don & me                    
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