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Bette Davis Baby Jane doll made in America
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"I LOVE LUCY" Dolls Handmade in America!
I Love Locy dolls handmade in America by Alesia
After recovering from her life-saving brain surgery in spring 2014, Alesia has now regained her ability to walk and, more importantly, regained her doll-making skills. One of her greatest accomplishments so far is this set of handmade dolls of the entire cast of "I Love Lucy", including Little Ricky and his dog!  Grumpy Fred Mertz is dressed in his trademark high-waisted trousers, and Ricky is nattily attired in his iconic "Ricky Ricardo Jacket". Ethel is laughing at the hideous capri pants selected by Lucy.
Lucy and Ricky Ricardo dolls handmade in America by Alesia

All of Alesia's one-of-a-kind (NOT one-of-a-series) handmade dolls are exactly that - no molds are used, no off-the-shelf factory-made components.  Each doll is made by hand  with hand-sculpted polymer clay head, breastplate, arms and legs, and a hand-constructed cloth-over-wire-armature body. All garments  and accessories are sewn and assembled by hand. THERE IS ONLY ONE OF EACH DOLL. Prices range from about $500 a doll. (Higher price for very elaborate costumes.) A very reasonable price for a unique masterpiece of the dollmaker's art. The dolls range in size from 14 to 18 inches. Call 410-683-1562 or 410-258-7447 or email  newbreen@comcast.net for info.     
  Alesia can make a personalized portrait doll from YOUR photo! (see Below)                         

  Alesia's Amazing Repaint of "Edward Cullen" Doll
 Here's Alesia's amazing repaint of Robert Tonner's Edward Cullen doll from the film "Twilight: New Moon".
Robert Pattinson doll before repaintRobert Pattinson Twilight doll repaint by Alesia 

  New! Rob Pattinson & FKA Twigs Dolls by Alesia!
Alesia's latest dolls of her favorite celebrity couple reproduce Rob and Tahlia as they appeared at 8th annual GO Campaign Gala in Beverly Hills. The GO Campaign is Rob's favorite charity and Twigs was the star performer. Many other celebs attended, including Rob's close friend Katy Perry. Alesia faithfully recreated Rob's black suit and Tahliah's stylish white  jumpsuit. Call for ordering info. 410-683-1562 or newbreen@comcast.net .
robert pattinson doll fka twigs doll handmade dolls made in USArobert pattinson doll fka twigs doll handmade dolls made in USA
Rob Pattinson FKA Twigs dolls Met Gala 20152015
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Costume institute Gala has been a star-studded extravaganza and a highlight of New York's social scene since 1948. Superstars of film and music like Cher, Madonna, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Scarlett Johannson and Lady Gaga have vied against each other in spectacular and scandalous costumes from the world's top couturiers. In 2015, FKA Twigs (Tahliah Barnett) and her fiance Rob Pattinson, in their first public appearance together, upstaged George and Amal Clooney as the top couple on the red carpet. Tahliah wore an artistic gown reminiscent of a Matisse painting by rising star designer Christopher Kane. Pink, orange, blue, white and grey male and female torsos entwined around each other and around Tahliah's body.  Rob was fashionably  attired in a tuxedo by the House of Dior.  Alesia was thrilled to see her  favorite couple  make their official "coming out" with such high style.  With  these dolls, Alesia has meticulously recreated  their costumes with colorful satin and lace and Swarovski crystal, down to the smallest detail of Tahliah's engagement ring. For more information, call 410-683-1562 or email Alesia at newbreen@comcast.net .

  Rob Pattinson doll Met Gala 2015 FKA Twigs doll engagement ring

       410-683-1562   newbreen@comcast.net 

       Rob and Twigs at the Casino de Paris!

Rob Pattinson doll FKA Twigs doll
FKA Twigs doll  Pattinson/ Twigs hands  Rob Pattinson doll 

After a long struggle with increasing paralysis culminating in emergency brain surgery in March 2014, Alesia has finally recovered enough to resume her dollmaking full-time. One of her first new creations is this pair of dolls paying tribute to her favorite movie actor Robert Pattinson and his lady love, the sensational English dancer and singer known as FKA Twigs (Tahliah Barnett). The lovebirds are dressed in meticulous recreations of the clothing they wore to Twigs's March 2015 performance at the famous Casino de Paris concert hall. She wears a replica of the "illustrated" Lou Reed shearling jacket by English designer Claire Barrow (complete with the illustrated panels). He sports a matching black ensemble topped by his customary baseball cap, also in black. The dolls are even designed to hold hands, just like the real-life lovers. With this masterpiece, Alesia shows that she is once again in top form. Call for info.
        410-683-1562        newbreen@comcast.net      
        They're Off to See the Wizard!
          Oz dolls Judy Garland doll Glinda the Good Witch Scarecrow Tin Man Cowardly Lion Toto        
You've seen Dorothy Gale dolls before, but none can compare to this one. Alesia has perfectly captured the likeness and the pathos of young Judy Garland as Dorothy. And the whole cast of characters is here -  Glinda the Good Witch (Billie Burke), the Wicked Witch of the West (the immortal Margaret Hamilton), the Scarecrow (Ray Bolger), the Tin Man (Jack Haley Sr.), the Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr) and even Dorothy's little dog Toto (Terry). Each doll is a masterpiece of the dollmaker's art. All together, an incredible ensemble. SOLD
newbreen@comcast.net             410-683-1562                               
     Rosemary's Baby doll Mia Farrow doll Ruth Gordon doll   Carol Burnett doll Vicki Lawrence doll

Old ladies can really be scary. Just ask Rosemary and Eunice. Left: Young Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow) finds that it's tough to be a lonely expectant mother in the big city, especially if your loony neighbor Minnie (Ruth Gordon) has a creepy obsession with your pregnancy. What's the deal with all these peculiar people she meets? Could it be . . . Satan? Alesia has created uncanny likenesses of the stars of Roman Polanski's film of Ira Levin's urban horror story. SOLD Right: One of TV's great dysfunctional families was the Harper clan of "Mama's Family". Eunice Harper Higgins (Carol Burnett) knows the pen is mightier than the sword, but neither stands a chance against the acid tongue of Mama Thelma Harper (Vicki Lawrence). Alesia perfectly captures Eunice's weary frustration and the malice in Mama's bespectacled eyes. SOLD
    Romantic Heroines from Hollywood's Golden Age

Merle Oberon doll made in the USA made in AmericaMerle Oberon doll made in America made in the USA Olivia DeHavilland doll made in the USA made in AmericaOlivia DeHavilland doll made in America made in the USA
In Hollywood's Golden Age, a costume drama meant gorgeous costumes of the most sumptuous fabrics by legendary designers like Omar Kiam ("Wuthering Heights", left) and Edith Head ("The Heiress", right). As "Wuthering Height" 's tragic Cathy Earnshaw, Merle Oberon was luminously beautiful. Her legendary beauty and her exquisite gown are captured by Alesia in this remarkable doll. SOLD As Henry James's "The Heiress" Catherine Sloper (right), Olivia DeHavilland gave an Oscar-winning performance as a vengeful woman scorned. She broke scoundrel Montgomery Clift's heart in gowns like this one, beautifully handcrafted by Alesia. SOLD
Mother and Daughter Dolls (and Friends)

             Golden Girls dolls hand made in the USA               Divine doll Ricki Lake doll Edna Turnblad doll made in America
(Left) The Golden Girls want to thank you for being a friend! The whole gang is here, brought to life by Alesia's amazing talent - clueless Rose Nylund (Betty White), deadpan Dorothy Zbornak (Bea Arthur), her irrepressible little Mom Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty) and the promiscuous Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan). The ladies range in size from 14 1/2 inch Sophia to 17 inch Dorothy. SOLD to a collector. (Right) The lovely Turnblads of Baltimore, Tracy (Ricki Lake) and her Mom Edna (Glenn Milstead, aka "Divine") want to welcome you to the Hairdo Capital of America! The stars of John Waters' 1988 comedy "Hairspray" look quite fetching in their matching mother/daughter dresses by Van Smith, faithfully recreated from the film by Alesia. Tracy is a petite 14 1/2 inches and Edna a robust 16 1/2 inches tall. SOLD to a collector.
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"Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte" 

              Agnes Moorhead "Velma" doll by Alesia"Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte" dolls made in America"Charlotte" Bette Davis doll made in America 
Poor Charlotte! She and her faithful servant Velma are the embodiment of "Southern Gothic", as captured by Alesia in her uncanny likenesses of Agnes Moorhead and Bette Davis from Henry Farrell's tale of murder and scandal in the bayous. As always, Alesia has dressed the dolls in meticulously detailed reproductions of the movie costumes.  SOLD to a private collector. For more info about Alesia and her remarkable dolls,  call 410-683-1562  or email:  newbreen@comcast.net .
  "The Innocents"
Deborah Kerr doll made in AmericaDeborah Kerr doll made in the USA
Handmade dolls made in America by Alesia
    All About "Eve"
Anne Baxter doll made in AmericaAnne Baxter doll made in the USA
Handmade doll made in the USA by Alesia
Left: Poor, tormented MISS GIDDENS (Deborah Kerr) must do everything within her power to protect little MILES and FLORA from the evil that besieges them. But . . . is the evil within her? Alesia has beautifully recreated the characters and their Edwardian costumes from Jack Clayton's stunning film of Henry James's "The Turn of the Screw". Miss Giddens stands 17 inches tall, little Miles is 12 inches and Flora is 11 1/2 inches. SOLD Right: It's going to be a bumpy night! The unscrupulous EVE HARRINGTON has the coveted Sarah Siddons Award in her grasp. Alesia's remarkable likeness of Anne Baxter's signature role is beautifully costumed in a handsewn reproduction of Baxter's dress and robe from the classic film. Even the Sarah Siddons award is a meticulous reproduction of the actual award from the film. Like the original, it's a statuette based on Sir Joshua Reynold's oil painting "The Muse of Tragedy". SOLD to a private collector.
Calamity Jane Doris Day doll made in the USADoris Day doll made in America
celebrity doll made in America
Doris Day doll made in AmericaDoris Day doll made in the USA
celebrity doll made in the USA
Left: CALAMITY JANE is 16 inches tall to the top of her meticulously detailed cavalry cap. She wears a beautifully detailed handmade fringed microsuede outfit, complete with custom-made boots, belt, bandana and a U.S. cavalry-issue holster with a miniature faux-pearl handled Colt .45 revolver. Synthetic mohair, and hand-painted eyes. SOLD Right: "Career girl" DORIS is going gaga for the glitter of the big city! Will her lover come back? Will they share pillow talk? Or will he send her no flowers? Que sera, sera! She's 15 inches tall, swathed in shimmering white satin and faux fur.  Both dolls have hand-sculpted polymer clay head and hands, and a posable cloth-over-wire-armature body. Call for prices. 410-683-1562  email:  newbreen@comcast.net
newbreen@comcast.net     410-683-1562       410-258-7447
Nicole Kidman doll made in AmericaNicole Kidman doll made in the USA
       celebrity doll hand-made in the USA
Carmen Miranda doll made in AmericaCarmen Miranda doll made in the USA
  celebrity doll hand-made in America
Left: Alesia has created an uncanny likeness of Nicole Kidman as SATINE in Baz Luhrmann's "Moulin Rouge". Satine is 16 inches tall (18 with her top hat), dressed in sequins and feathers, with handpainted eyes. She comes complete with her 18 1/2 inch tall swing. SOLD to a collector in New York. Right: CARMEN MIRANDA, "the lady in the tutti-frutti hat" is brought back to life in Alesia's spectacular recreation. 15 inches tall (plus tutti-frutti hat). SOLD
Barbara Stanwyck doll made in AmericaBarbara Stanwyck doll made in the USA
Jean Harlow doll made in AmericaJean Harlow doll made in the USA
 Left: Femme fatale PHYLLIS (from "Double Indemnity") goes to the grocery store in a smart ensemble with a houndstooth-check vest and a short black skirt with matching handbag, all the better to ensnare hapless insurance salesman Walter Neff in her murderous scheme. 15 inches tall. SOLD Right: BOMBSHELL is a stunning vision of  white satin and feathers, perfectly capturing the charisma of Harlow and the glamor of '30's Hollywood. 16". SOLD to a collector in New York.
Marilyn Monroe doll made in AmericaMarilyn Monroe doll made in the USA
celebrity doll made in America
Norma Jeane Marilyn doll made in AmericaNorma Jeane Marilyn doll made in the USA
celebrity doll made in the USA
Left: MARILYN as ASPHALT ANGELA. "Uncle" Lon can't wait to get his itchy trigger finger on Angela's plush velvet dress. 14 1/2" tall. SOLD Right: NORMA JEANE perfectly captures the mystique that was Marilyn, in Alesia's uncanny recreation of Phillipe Halsman's iconic LIFE Magazine photograph. Call for a price quote. 410-683-1562 or email  newbreen@comcast.net  .
Marilyn doll  made in AmericaMarilyn doll made in the USA
celebrity doll made in the USA by Alesia
Jack Lemmon doll Tony Curtis dollJack Lemmon doll Tony Curtis doll
celebrity dolls made in America by Alesia
Left: MARILYN as SUGAR from "Some Like It Hot!" is runnin' wild in a daring knee-length confection of bugle beads and chiffon. Do we glimpse a garter on her stocking? Shocking! Looks like anything goes! 16" tall. SOLD Right: THOSE DAMES AIN'T DAMES! These two musicians are virtuousos - and they intend to stay that way (alive, that is)! Alesia has topped herself with these unique dolls of Sugar's best buddies DAPHNE (Jack Lemmon) and JOSEPHINE (Tony Curtis). They're completely handmade fully posable dolls, meticulously costumed by hand, with accessories like Josephine's sultry sax and Daphne's bull fiddle (complete with three bullet holes, courtesy of Spats Colombo's boys). 17" tall. SOLD
newbreen@comcast.net      410-683-1562     410-258-7447
Joan Crawford doll made in AmericaHudson Sisters dolls made in the USABette Davis Baby Jane doll made in the USA

Blanche and Baby Jane Hudson - handmade celebrity dolls by Alesia Newman-Breen
Whatever happened to the Hudson sisters? Well, BLANCHE is never - ever - gonna get out o' that wheelchair, but never mind. Her dear sister Jane ( yes, the  BABY JANE Hudson! )  will serve her a tasty rat-atouille, and entertain her with her charming rendition of "Writing a Letter to Daddy". SOLD to a private collector in New York.
Alfred Hitchcock doll by Alesia Newman-BreenAlfred Hitchcock doll by Alesia Newman-Breen

handmade celebrity doll by Alesia
Tippi Hedren doll as Melanie HamiltonTippi Hedren doll in "The Birds"

handmade celebrity doll by Alesia
The Birds is coming! Left: Portly HITCH trains his precocious raven to say "Good Eeeevening". And perhaps to attack on cue?  17" tall. SOLD Right: MELANIE seems to sense danger in the air. Is it those seemingly innocent lovebirds in her exquisitely handcrafted birdcage, or that seagull approaching over her shoulder, or perhaps Hitch himself that worries her most? 17" tall.  SOLD
Eva Marie Saint doll made in America made in the USAEva Marie Saint doll made in the USA made in America
     celebrity doll made in America
Veronica Lake doll made in the USAVeronica Lake doll made in America
celebrity doll made in the USA
Left: As one of Hitchcock's greatest femme fatales, Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint) could "tease a man to death without half trying" in "North by Northwest". The job's that much easier in this gorgeous dress by Harry Kress, beautifully recreated by Alesia.  Nobody ever lit a cigarette more seductively, either. SOLD  Right: VERONICA's cool beauty and peek-a-boo hair perfectly complement this stunning pink gown, exquisitely hand-tailored and sequinned by Alesia.  SOLD
newbreen@comcast.net       410-683-1562        410-258-7447
Rudolph Valentino "Sheik" doll by AlesiaRudolph Valentino "Sheik" doll by Alesia

handmade celebrity doll by Alesia
Garbo doll as "Mata Hari" by AlesiaGarbo doll as "Mata Hari" by Alesia

handmade celebrity doll by Alesia
Left: In 1926, The SHEIK was "chic", and Rudy was the reason. He's still the strong, silent type, but now Alesia has recreated his fabulous movie costume in glorious color. 15" tall. SOLD  newbreen@comcast.net Right: Who cares what side she's on? You'll "vant to be alone" with MATA HARI in her seductive ensemble of glittering gold and sparkling sequins. 14" tall. SOLD
Bette Davis doll made in the USABette Davis doll made in the USA

celebrity doll handcrafted by Alesia
Sophia Loren as "Phaedra" doll by AlesiaSophia Loren as "Phaedra" doll by Alesia

celebrity doll handcrafted by Alesia
Left: JEZEBEL is ready to paint the town red in Alesia's stunning recreation of Bette's classic 1938 triumph. SOLD to a private collector in New York. Right: Boy Oh Boy! It's Sophia in her iconic role as PHAEDRA in "Boy On A Dolphin". Anyone for sponge diving? 15" tall. Call for a price quote.  410-683-1562  Email:  newbreen@comcast.net .
Celebrity Dolls! Portrait Dolls! 410-683-1562 newbreen@comcast.net
Get a  Custom Portrait Doll of Your Loved One by Alesia! The Ultimate Gift!
 Personal Portrait Dolls !

custom portrait doll from a photo  custom portrait doll from a photo

Alesia can do a custom-made portrait doll of your loved one from a photo! The ultimate gift! Call for info. Prices start at $800. Serious inquiries only. Call 410-683-1562 or  410-258-7447 or email us at newbreen@comcast.net
New! FKA Boop Figurine!

        Betty Boop FKA Twigs celebrity figurine

Alesia's newest creation (March 2015) is this adorable figurine that's a double tribute - to the Fleischer Studios' iconic sex symbol Betty Boop and England's newest singing sensation FKA Twigs. Check out Alesia's Figurines page to see more!.
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