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                      ALESIA NEWMAN-BREEN         
   Boop-Boop-a-Doop! It's FKA Boop!
  FKA Twigs Betty Boop figurine Betty Boop FKA Twigs figurine FKA Twigs Betty Boop figurine
Who could be this adorable and this sexy, all at the same time? Only Betty Boop and FKA Twigs, England's newest singing sensation! Alesia's latest one-of-a-kind figurine "FKA Boop" pays tribute to both beauties. FKA Boop wears a stylish replica of the Alexander McQueen ensemble Twigs wore to the 2015 Brit Awards with her beau, the actor Rob Pattinson, but cut down to a Betty Boop hemline, naturally, to show off her trademark garter with a red heart. Check out the rest of Alesia's figurines below.   

           Handmade Figurines - The "Coco" Series        
Each of Alesia's figurines is a completely handmade, one-of-a-kind work of art, hand-sculpted of polymer clay and other materials, with a wooden base. The figurines depict highlights (and lowlights) from the career of the sensationally spurious, fabulously fallacious super-showgirl "Coco Flambe". For more about the story of Coco Flambe, see : "All About Coco" on Jerry's Graphic Art page. Call for prices and info.                            

"Do Not Feed the Animals" handmade figurine by Alesia"Les Deux Pantheres" handmade figurine by Alesia
     "Do Not Feed the Animals" 10"h x 12 1/2"w                             "Les Deux Pantheres" (SOLD)                                  handmade figurines by Alesia Newman-Breen
"Danse Des Pasteques" handmade figurine by Alesia"Tom Cats in Top Hats" handmade figurine by Alesia"Coco's Fan Fair" handmade figurine by Alesia"Venusian Vampire Voodoo Queen" handmade figurine by Alesia
   Danse des Pasteques 11 1/2"h x6 1/2"w    Tom Cats in Top Hats 9"h x 5"w          Coco's Fan Fair (SOLD)      Venusian Vampire Voodoo Queen (SOLD)  handmade figurines by Alesia Newman-Breen

Coco figurine by Alesia "Plus ca Change"Coco figurine by Alesia "Sahara Seduction"Coco figurine by Alesia "Vanity"
         Plus ca Change (SOLD)                     Sahara Seduction 3"h x 8 11/2"w                                               Vanity (SOLD)                              handmade figurines by Alesia Newman-Breen

Coco figurine by Alesia "Sun Goddess of the Nile"Coco figurine by Alesia "Domestique d'en Haut"Coco figurine by Alesia "Souffle de Fromage"Coco figurine by Alesia "Princess Bimbo"    
   Sun Goddess of the Nile 11 1/2"h x 5"w       Domestique d'en Haut (SOLD)         Souffle de Fromage 12"h x 4"w      Princess Bimbo 10 5/8"h x 5"w           handmade figurines by Alesia Newman-Breen

Coco figurines by Alesia "Folies 1 - 2 - 3 - 4"figurine by Alesia "Allegro Coco"

                            Folies Un  /  Folies Deux  /  Folies Trois  /  Folies Quatre   (SOLD)                                Allegro Coco  (SOLD)                   handmade figurines by Alesia Newman-Breen

 Coco figurine by Alesia "Sur La Plage"Coco figurine "Mad About that Gadabout"

                    Coco Sur La Plage 12"h x 6"w                                        Mad About that Gadabout 7"h x 11 1/2"w                                             handmade figurines by Alesia Newman-Breen          
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