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Coco with fan by Jerry Breen

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 portrait painting interior painting

  popart painting pop art painting still life painting ball jar painting breen painting  popart painting pop art painting waffle house painting Breen painting
A few recent paintings for one of my favorite clients, Marcia Semmes, who always challenges me to do new and different things. Thanks, Marcia!
Rockwell by Jerry Breen vignette

Jerry seems a bit perplexed as he begins work on a special project - a very unusual collaboration. Check back  occasionally and view  the work as it progresses.

Rockwell painting by Jerry Breen
Illustration - Posters - Murals - Baltimore - 410-683-1562 -
Old Lombard Street, Baltimore

Old Lombard Street painting
Prints Available!

The original version of this painting depicting Baltimore's legendary "Corned Beef Row"in its glory days hangs on the dining room wall of Attman's Deli, one of the few landmarks remaining from the old days.  Mr. Marc Attman, the current proprietor of the beloved Baltimore  deli, commissioned it. Jerry based it on photos in Mr. Attman's collection, as well as old city zoning maps. It's a kaleidoscope of the neigborhood in the early 20th Century, featuring many of the street's most memorable businesses, (not all of which were in operation at the same time).
Many Baltimoreans have ordered prints of this nostalgic scene. You can, too! A print about 8 by 10 inches in  an 11 by 14 inch mat is $90. A print about 11 by 14 inches in a 14 by 18 inch mat is $110. A print about 16 by 20 inches in a 20 by 24 inch mat is $140. (Add $10 for packing and shipping to anywhere in the U.S.) Call 410-683-1562 or email Jerry at for more ordering information.
Graphic Art - Illustration - Jerry Breen - 410-683-1562 -
                                                                       The Tompkinsville Paintings  
Tompkinsville Staten Island painting
View of Tompkinsville (1996) (acrylic on canvas, 3 feet by 5 feet) 

This large painting depicts the view from the 2nd floor of my boyhood home at 416 Westervelt Avenue, Staten Island, New York, circa 1979. The neighborhood was so hilly that our front door was 60 steps up from the street and we looked down at the telephone poles (as you can see). Even the sidewalk was about 5 steps up from the street. Around the corner on Corson Avenue, the sidewalk was 2 flights up from the street! (There were concrete stairways built into the embankment. I know this is difficult to picture, but just take my word for it.) I had lots of shoveling whenever it snowed, and lots of weeds to cut with a sickle every summer. (You couldn't use a lawn mower; it would've fallen down into the street!) That's Tompkinsville in the foreground, and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in the distance beyond lower New York Bay. Notice the full oil tanker (riding low in the water) on its way to the oil refineries in New Jersey.

Tompkinsville rooftops Staten IslandThe Hall Stairs by Jerry Breen

            Horton's Row Rooftops (lower Manhattan to the north)                                                    The Hall Stairs                                  
Portrait of Squeaky by Jerry BreenPortrait of Bridgey by Jerry BreenJerry and Corey by Jerry Breen

                      Squeaky                                 Bridgey at the Window                                                    Jerry & Corey                                              
Graphic Art - Paintings - Jerry Breen - 410-683-1562 -
                                     Baltimore Paintings                                                   
  Pimlico painting by Jerry BreenJones Falls painting by Jerry Breen

                                                                       Pimlico and Jones Falls paintings (c) Reisterstown Road Plaza
Posters -  Illustrations - Jerry Breen - 410-683-1562 -
harlequin poster by Jerry Breenharlequin poster by Jerry Breen harlequin poster by Jerry Breen

harlequin poster by Jerry Breenharlequin poster by Jerry Breen
Art Deco - Posters - Jerry Breen - 410-683-1562 -
                       Abstract Art
 abstract art color field art abstract expressionism abstract art abstract painting color field painting abstract expressionism
                                                     "Coco Flambe"

One of Jerry's ongoing projects is a multimedia celebration illustrating the highlights (and lowlights) of the career of the showgirl par excellence, the fabulously fallacious, delectably delusory diva-of-all-divas Coco Flambe. (For a brief overview of the Uberdiva's life, see "All About Coco" below.) A few samples from the Coco ouevre:  
 Coco "High Hat Daddies" by Jerry BreenCoco "Folies 4"poster by Jerry BreenCoco "Mad About That Gadabout" poster

      Coco "Fallopia" poster by Jerry BreenCoco "Vampire Voodoo Women" poster

         "Fallopia Queen of the Gladiators" (Italy) 1962                      "Vampire Voodoo Women from Venus!" (USA) 1958   
                                                   "All About Coco"
"All About Coco" page 1"All About Coco" page 2
"All About Coco" page 3"All About Coco" page 4                                 
Illustration - Posters - Murals - Jerry Breen - 410-683-1562 -
                                            Miscellaneous Illustration                                   

Ronald Reagan by Jerry BreenBr. Ed O'Neill dollar bill by Jerry Breen

            Left: "WSJ style"line portrait of Ronald Reagan, 1980's. Right: Custom "dollar bill" portrait.
R & B singers by Jerry BreenPioneers in Black History by Jerry BreenHip Hop singers by Jerry Breen

                       Portrait collages for The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum, Baltimore.
           Architectural Illustration   

  Fonthill  Castle architectural illustrationWashington, D,C, architectural illustrationBethel A.M.E. Baltimore architectural illustration

  Left: Fonthill Castle, Bronx, New York; Center: Association of American Universities  Right: Bethel AME Church, Baltimore

 Landscape with horse Baltimore County   New Orleans sunset

      Left: Greenspring Valley, Baltimore County, Maryland            Right:  New Orleans Sunset

       Baltimore Murals  - Maryland Murals - 410-683-1562 -          

 Murals Baltimore, MarylandMurals Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore murals
Left and center: Details from Jerry's "History of Flight" mural, painted in a ceiling dome in the lobby of Gerstell Academy, Finksburg, Maryland, 2003. Right: Mural in the Haagen-Dazs ice cream parlor, S. President Street, Baltimore, 2007.
Tsunami by Jerry BreenDiamond duo by Jerry Breen

  Benjamin Franklin  Microsoft Escher monks

     Left: "All About the Benjamins!"; Right: "Escher" monks from the Microsoft News, c. 1985
Book Cover Art
 Barack Obama book cover book cover art for International Society of Poets Walt Whitman portrait book cover
    Left: Obama best-seller                        Center: International Library of Poetry                Right: Walt Whitman portrait

                                                      Book Illustration                  
       Sissy Sammy book Dale Guy Madison gay liberation gay rights stop the bullying it gets better         Sissy Sammy book Dale Guy Madison gay rights gay liberation stop the bullying it gets better    
    Illustrations for Dale Guy Madison's modern-day fable for young gays in a hostile world  
        book illustration by Jerry Breen      book illustrator Jerry Breen
   Illustrations for "Two Harrises Plus One Day Go Camping" by Evelyn P. Harris 
Mushroom MadnessSqueaky's Success Secrets
Left: Illustration for "Mushroom Madness" (c) Jerry Breen 1973      Right: Illustration for"Squeaky's Success Secrets"                   

                                          Cover Art for Music CDs                            
  "The Passing Strange" CD cover art Kelly Bell Band cover art 1    Kelly Bell Band cover art 2

   Left:"The Passing Strange"      Center & Right:  Kelly Bell Band   America's Best Blues Band !     (2 CD Boxed Set)

"Most Beautiful Woman" book illustrationToad and stool by Jerry BreenRatebot logo by Jerry Breen
Poster Art - Illustration - Jerry Breen - 410-683-1562 -
   Rock Posters      
 Gary Puckett poster rock poster concert poster Gaelic Park rock poster concert poster The Association poster rock poster concert poster

Left & Right: "Summer 69" rock posters, New York, 1969;  Center: Gaelic Park Concert Series poster, c. 1975.
  Graphic Art - Illustration - Jerry Breen -  410-683-1562 -   
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