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    Faux Old Masters Portraits
Faux old masters portrait after van dyck
Get a portrait painting in the style of an Old Master - Van Dyck, Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Vermeer - just send Jerry your photos and instructions. Here's a sample portrait painted in the style of the English royal court portrait artist Anthony Van Dyck. Prices start at $400 and up, depending on size and the number of subjects in the painting. Call 410-258-7447

        poretrait painting faux old master photo
father's day gift father's day portrait father's day painting  Dad and dogs painting
 Gift Portraits
Surprise your loved one for their birthday,  Christmas, Chanukah or any occasion with a gift just as special as they are - a beautiful custom portrait painting by Jerry Breen. Just email photos  and anything else you want in the picture -dogs, cars,  motorcycles, whatever. Prices start at as little as $400 depending on the size and the number of other elements in the picture. It's something Dad or Mom - and you - will treasure in the years to come. Just email photos to Jerry at . You can pay by check or PayPal. If you're outside of the Baltimore area, there may be a small shipping charge. Call 410-258-7447
          A Custom Portrait Painting from Your Photo!
custom portrait painting from photo email photo portrait painting
Jerry Breen can paint a custom portrait painting from your photo or photos! Just email your photo to get started! Jerry has painted a gallery of over 175 portrait paintings of historical figures for Gerstell Academy in Finksburg, Maryland - possibly the largest gallery of portrait paintings in one place by one artist! Now he can paint a portrait of you and your loved ones! Prices start at a low $400 and vary according to the size of the painting and the number of people in the painting. Call 410-258-7447 or email for more information. Jerry Breen exclusively uses non-toxic, safe, archivally permanent acrylic paints. Your painting will never darken, discolor, flake or deteriorate like an oil painting.

Note to artists: The materials used in traditional oil painting are toxic, unstable, volatile and flammable. Turpentine is especially toxic, causing nerve damage, brain damage and depression. The stereotype of the suicidal artist has its basis in this dirty little secret of the art materials business. Likewise, turpentine-soaked rags can spontaneously combust. Responsible artists should never subject themselves or their customers to these dangerous materials. Felt is no longer made using mercury; pewter is no longer made using lead. Artists should  only use safe, non-toxic acrylic paints.

  Pet Portraits! YOUR Dogs Playing Poker! Cats, too!

dogs playing poker painting pet painting pet portrait
We've all seen the iconic paintings of dogs playing poker. How about YOUR dogs playing poker? (Cats, too.) Jerry can do it for you! Prices start at  $400 for 4 to 6 pets on a 14 inch by 18 inch canvas! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Feline Rescue Association of Maryland. (Click here to visit their website.) Jerry can also provide 11 inch by 14 inch color prints - suitable for framing - of your pet painting. They make great gifts for your family! At the left are (L-R) Zoe the cat, Simba, Chewee, Tiger, Luna and Minnie enjoying a friendly game of cards. Chris and Elese Severe of  Parkville, Maryland requested this priceless portrait of their favorite dogs and cats. (Did Minnie spot the card that sneaky Zoe is hiding behind her back?) Just email photos of your pets! Pay by check or PayPal. Call 410-683-1562 or email for more info!
        Pet Portrait Painting! 
pet portraits pet paintings cat paintings cat portraits
Jerry can paint a beautiful portrait of your pet from a photo!  PRICES START AT JUST $250! Prices vary according to size and number of pets. Or get a beautiful drawing of your pet! Just $125! Call 410-683-1562 for more info!

pet portrait pet drawing cat drawing
          Call now to order!  410-258-7447
Jerry Breen is an internationally acclaimed portrait artist. His work has appeared in leading publications in England and Germany, such as The Times of London's Higher Education Magazine. His portrait clients include corporations (Microsoft), institutions (St. John's University and Manhattan College in New York, and the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore) and private individuals (former Maryland Governor Robert N. Ehrlich Jr.). The largest collection of Breen's paintings is a collection of over 175 paintings of historical figures at Gerstell Academy in Carroll County, Maryland - possibly the largest collection of portrait paintings by one artist in one place in the world.  JERRY CAN PAINT A PORTRAIT FOR YOU! See information below. Call 410-258-7447or .     (Unless otherwise noted, all pictures (c) Jerry Breen.)
Portrait Paintings Baltimore, Maryland    410-258-7447
Portraits for the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum, Baltimore

Mahalia Jackson portrait from photo Shaka Zulu portrait by Jerry BreenNelson Mandela portrait by Jerry Breen

Over the past 2 decades, Jerry Breen has created hundreds of portrait drawings, paintings, exhibit designs and architectural designs for Baltimore's world-famous National Great Blacks in Wax Museum. Left: Mahalia Jackson. Center: Shaka Zulu. Right: Nelson Mandela. The large portrait of Shaka Zulu occupies a prominent position in the Museum's Alberta Cason Room. Unlike other "portraits" of Shaka Zulu, Jerry based his painting on the only known drawing of Shaka Zulu, which was done in 1824, at the height of Shaka's power, 4 years before his assassination. This is, therefore, the most accurate color likeness of Shaka Zulu in existence. Shaka is depicted holding his innovative "iklwa" short spear and a large Zulu shield. The background is a view of the South African Transvaal.   All portraits in this section (c) 2009 The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum.
   Baltimore Maryland portrait drawing   Baltimore Maryland portrait drawing James Baldwin portrait  Baltimore portrait Maryland Haile Selassie portrait
         Martin Delany portrait                   James Baldwin portrait                   Haile Selassie portrait        
  Paul Robeson portrait Baltimore Maryland portrait drawing   Eubie Blake portrait Baltimore Maryland portrait drawing   Billie Holiday portrait Baltimore Maryland portrait drawing
          Paul  Robeson portrait                    Eubie Blake portrait                    Billie Holiday portrait
All portraits in this section (c) 2009 The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum.
Portraits    Jerry Breen    410-258-7447
                            Portraits for the International Society of Poets                    

Edgar Allan Poe portrait painting Baltimore Maryland artist Jerry Breen  Paul Laurence Dunbar portrait painting Baltimore Maryland  Emily Dickinson portrait painting Baltimore Maryland artist jerry BreenPortraits by Jerry Breen Baltimore Maryland
          Edgar Allan Poe portrait                  Paul Laurence Dunbar portrait          Emily Dickinson portrait                  
Charles Baudelaire portrait Baltimore Maryland artist Jerry BreenT.S. Eliot portrait Baltimore Maryland artist Jerry BreenMaya Angelou portrait Baltimore Maryland artist Jerry BreenEzra Pound portrait Baltimore Maryland artist jerry BreenBaltimore Maryland Portrait Artist Jerry Breen
Baltimore Maryland Portraits    410-258-7447
World's Largest Portrait Gallery by One Artist - Gerstell Academy

A Small Sample of the Gerstell Academy Gallery of Heroes - World's Largest Portrait Gallery by One Artist
largest portrait gallery by one artistworld's largest portrait collection by one artistmost portrait paintings by one artistmost prolific portrait artist
More Paintings from Gerstell Academy - World's Largest Portrait Collection by One Artist
Baltimore portrait from photo of Louis ArmstrongBaltimore portrait from photo of CosbyBaltimore portrait from photo of Einstein Portraits by Jerry Breen Baltimore Maryland

               Louis Armstrong portrait                                 Bill Cosby portrait                                      Albert Einstein portrait                           
  Baltimore portrait from photo of Philo FarnsworthBaltimore portrait from photo of Henry FordBaltimore portrait from photo of Heyerdahl Baltimore Portraits Jerry Breen

             Philo Farnsworth portrait                               Henry Ford portrait                                   Thor Heyerdahl portrait                           
Baltimore portrait from photo of LincolnBaltimore portrait from photo of George C. MarshallThomas Edison portrait painting light bulb Baltimore Portrait Artist Jerry Breen

           Abraham Lincoln portrait                           George C. Marshall portrait                                Thomas Edison portrait                           
   General Patton portrait George Patton paintingElvis Presley portrait Elvis paintingJackie Robinson portrait Jackie Robinson painting    Jerry Breen Portraits Baltimore Maryland

               George Patton portrait                               Elvis Presley portrait                                 Jackie Robinson portrait                         
Baltimore portrait from photo of Condoleezza RiceMadame Curie portrait painting Marie CurieBaltimore portrait from photo of Jimmy Stewart   Maryland Portrait Artist Jerry Breen

           Condoleezza Rice portrait                                   Marie Curie portrait                                     James Stewart portrait                     
 Baltimore portrait from photo of Mother TeresaBaltimore portrait from photo of Mark TwainBaltimore portrait from photo of Washington Baltimore Portraits Jerry Breen

              Mother Teresa portrait                                        Mark Twain portrait                                   George Washington portrait                
Baltimore portrait from photo of Ted WilliamsBaltimore portrait from photo of Chuck YeagerNorman Rockwell portrait painting  Portraits by Jerry Breen Baltimore Maryland 

               Ted Williams portrait                                   Chuck Yeager portrait                            Norman Rockwell portrait                          
Portrait Paintings Baltimore    410-258-7447
A Portrait Painting from your Photo! Pet Portraits too!

Jerry Breen is an internationally acclaimed and very prolific portrait artist. Hundreds of his portraits hang in museums and academic institutions in New York and Maryland. Leading publications in England and Germany have featured his portrait art.  Jerry can paint an original portrait painting from your photo. Prices start at $400, and vary according to the size of the painting and the number of people in the picture. Call us at 410-683-1562 or email us at for more information. Serious inquiries only. As an example of what Jerry can do working from your photo, here is his portrait of Mr. & Mrs. Cecil A. Davis, Sr. of North Carolina:         
              Davis portrait from photoBaltimore portrait from photo of Mr. & Mrs. Davis     pet portrait dog portrait from photo

    Pet portrait paintings too! Prices start at just $300! 410-258-7447
      Email:                 Phone: 410-683-1562      
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